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Can Boki find me the best way to send money to India?

While sending a money transfer to to India, popular remittance solutions offer the same set of services. But not all providers are built the same. This makes it difficult to pick a solution that’s the best fit for you.

That’s where Boki comes in. With our commitment to highlight the best of the best in international money transfer, we check each provider’s real world services with a multifaceted approach.

We do all the heavy lifting to gather detailed insights about money transfer services, so you don’t have to. Our side-by-side comparison of the most popular money transfer services helps you find the perfect solution to your needs.

Does Boki help me compare exchange rates?

While looking for the best way to send money to India, it can be a little tricky to determine the most affordable option. Even when you select a service with a low transaction fee, its exchange rate could leave a lot to be desired. That’s why, we make it a point to highlight the given exchange rates or calculation methods by each provider. This helps you find a solution that is cost-effective in every sense of the word.

How long will my transfer to India take?

Some providers ask you to perform local wire transfers, while others give you the option to pay online. In either case, the preferred method affects the turnaround time of the process.

By looking into the usual turnaround time for each solution, you can choose a service that’s not only light on the pocket, but also quick on its feet. At Boki, we help you find the fastest money transfer solutions to ensure quick and painless remittances to India.

How to send money to India?

While sending money to India, the first option that may come to your mind is an international wire transfer. But the method’s high transaction costs and expensive exchange rates are enough to make you find another solution. Thankfully, popular money transfer services not only offer lower transaction costs but also deliver feasible exchange rates. By using these providers, you can make faster and cheaper money transfers from the comfort of your home.

How to compare money transfer services with Boki?

Comparing international money transfers with Boki is easy. Before each transfer, you choose your destination currency and how much you want to transfer in GBP. Then we compare the deals money transfer providers have on offer so you can complete the transfer on their website.

How much can I save?

Companies we partner with are using mid-market exchange rates for international money transfers. Typically they charge a tiny transfer fee or have no fees at all, unlike the banks which impose large transfer fees and use unfair exchange rates. Depending on the currency route and the amount you send, you can save up to 90% with online money transfer providers than with your bank.

Is it safe to use Boki?

Absolutely. We fully comply with GDPR, and do not store any of your information. We work only with trusted FCA-participating money transfer providers.

How will I be charged?

When you send money abroad using an online money transfer service, providers tend to use two methods to charge you: a transfer fee and the exchange rate. These can be applied to both the sender and recipient.

Since many online services charge zero transfer fees, they will usually adjust the exchange rate to take this into account. However, if there is a transfer fee, it will likely be much cheaper than your bank or building society, and the exchange rate will usually be more favourable, too.

As such, our comparison tool is invaluable in making an important purchase decision. By comparing the exchange rate, transfer fee (if any) and any other associated features or costs, you will be able to come to an educated decision quickly and easily.