About Boki

Where does the word ‘Boki’ come from?

Boki is a short for “Aboki”. It is a word in the Nigerian Hausa language that translates to friend, or friends when used with an ‘s’, i.e Abokis.

Aboki also happens to be the general name for anyone who offers an informal money exchange service in Nigeria. These money changers provide informal money exchange services, they bridge the gap which banks cannot always fill, they are usually located close to residential areas, so they offer easy access. Boki provides a convenient and easy way to get the best possible rates for money transfers.

Why was the service created?

Boki’s founder, Olu Omoniyi, started Boki because whenever he needed to send money back home to Nigeria, to a family, friend or even for business he had to check multiple providers and services. It quickly became very tedious and time consuming checking multiple providers  and doing a lot of painstaking work comparing services, calculating fees, rates, online ratings.

He thought there must be a better way and decided that the best way to fix this would be to create a trusted place for anyone sending money to find the best rates from all the major providers in an instant, with transparency on fees. 

Boki’s mission

Boki’s mission is to provide a great remittance comparison service, taking the hassle out of sending money, and allowing people to focus on the more important stuff and helping them get the best deal, every time!